How to Choose the Best Cage for Your Sugar Glider 
Most people desire to have a sugar glider pet. The pet is admirable and has been offered on sale in various outlets. Once you have your mind made up on buying a sugar glider pet, make sure you are ready to commit a considerable amount of time to take care of it. Before you go ahead to buy the pet, it would be wise to start by buying a sugar glider cage. 

There are different types of cages available on sale, and the decision on which one to buy can be a daunting exercise. Most people find it difficult to choose a sugar glider cage, which led to the question; what should one look for when buying a sugar glider cage. The best decision here would be to seek recommendations from friends and family members who have sugar glider as pets. This option is viable for individuals who can get recommendations, and if you do not fall into this category, here are a few factors to get you started. Check it out!

First, one should look for a cage that is made of non-slip and non-toxic material. This is an important factor as you do not want your pet to be tripping from time to time. Sugar gliders have delicate fingers and toes, which could easily get hurt if you choose the wrong cage. Material is everything in this case for safety purposes. A cage could end up squeezing your pet if it is properly designed in this case. Here one should avoid cages made of galvanized metals. Sugar gliders tend to lick their fur from time to time to keep themselves clean.  If you choose a cage coated by poor quality chemicals, there could be serious health consequences once the sugar glider licks the cage. See more

Additionally, one should look at the size of the cage. Cages occur in different sizes, and one should opt for one that is slightly bigger. Sugar gliders grow with time, and you do not want to shop for another cage as a result of growth. The process of buying a cage is tiresome, and thus one should aim at carrying out the exercise once for all.  Look for a cage that has trays to hold the sugar glider supplies. This makes it easy to keep the pet comfortable at all times. 

The other thing one should look at when buying a sugar glider cage is the irritability of your pet’s feet.  Here one should for power coated or vinyl wire cages to reduce the effects. Find out more on